BPDA's Alvaro Lima on Boston Immigration

Alvaro Lima, the Director of Research at the Boston Planning and Development Agency joins the Boston Foundation to chat about the foreign born community in Boston, their contributions and the challenges they face.

LISC Fairmount Indigo Network Coordinator Allentza Michel

The Boston Foundation's Peter Ciurczak and Rebecca Koepnick sit down with LISC's Allentza Michel to chat about the Farimount Indigo network, jobs, transit and more.

Opportunities in Leader Transitions for New England Nonprofits

The Boston Foundation's Peter Ciurczak sits down with Hez Norton, Director of Partnerships and Leadership Initiatives for Third Sector New England, and Jennifer W. Aronson, Associate Vice President for Programs, to chat about the recently released, "Opportunity in Change: Preparing Boston for Leader Transitions and New Models of Nonprofit Leadership.

Full Report Available Here

The Growing Challenge of Family Homelessness

The Boston Indicators sat down with some of the authors of "The Growing Challenge of Family Homelessness," after the successful release of their report on February 23. Speaking with Debra Rog and Kathryn Henderson, principal investigator and analyst respectively, we chat about the study's main findings and how the Westat investigators came to their conclusions.

Full Report Available Here

A Conversation on Evictions with Project Hope and Homestart

Boston Indicators' Peter Ciurczak sits down with Project Hope and Homestart, to discuss their release of the "Boston Housing Court Data Report."

Full Article Available Here